Turning your expertise into a bigger paycheck is daunting.

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I understand how advancing in your career can feel like an uphill battle; let’s change that together.

I help mid-level, career-driven individuals carve out a path to success and satisfaction, ensuring they excel professionally and thrive personally.

We’ll refine your professional image, strategize for visibility, and achieve the work-life harmony that propels you forward.

Stop waiting on the sidelines—step into the spotlight with confidence.

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High Achievers Often Fail for One of Four Reasons

You can avoid these pitfalls



Perfectionism can lead to procrastination, and a fear of failure. This can hinder progress and innovation.


Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a significant barrier to career advancement. It can prevent individuals from taking risks, trying new roles, or pursuing opportunities that lie outside their comfort zones.


Resistance to Change

Success in earlier career stages can sometimes lead high achievers to become set in their ways, resisting new ideas, technologies, or methodologies.



High achievers are at risk of burnout due to their intense work ethic and high standards. Burnout can lead to decreased productivity, disengagement, and health issues, all of which can stall career progression.

These four issues are the root cause of most high achievers not advancing in their careers. Coaching will help you identify and address these underlying challenges, enabling you to break through barriers and unlock new levels of success.

You have the expertise, the passion, and the drive to be the best in your industry. But without a plan, you won’t get enough traction to work your way up the ladder. Successful Journey Network gives you a plan to get ahead in your career and the support you need to feel confident you’re getting it right.

Working with a coach is a transformative decision for your personal and professional life. It's more than just guidance. It's a structured and supportive framework that helps you identify and achieve your goals more effectively.

When we work together, we will clarify your core values and design tailored strategies for achieving your career goals but also enhance your skills, improve your work-life balance, and develop resilience against challenges. By honing your ability to achieve with confidence, ensuring you have the time and energy for both personal and professional fulfillment, and cultivating a mindset that embraces obstacles as opportunities for growth. If your ready to be the most successful person you know, schedule a consultation today.


...of individuals who received coaching reported a significant increase in their performance and skills, including leadership abilities, communication, and productivity.


...of clients who engage in professional coaching report a high level of satisfaction, with experiencing improved work performance.


...of clients who engage in professional coaching report an increased in self-confidence.


One-on-One Coaching

Starting at $1,999 3 Month Commitment

My one-on-one coaching is a transformative journey designed for high achievers aiming to break through the glass ceiling of their current success. By focusing on the unique challenges that prevent career advancement, such as perfectionism, fear of failure, and work-life imbalance, I provide tailored solutions that foster personal and professional growth. This program is more than just a stepping stone; it's a leap towards achieving lasting success and fulfillment, equipping you with the tools and mindset needed to flourish in an ever-evolving professional landscape.


Small Group Mastermind

Cost $5000 12 Month Commitment

Embark on a journey of collective growth with our group coaching program, where you'll join forces with like-minded achievers aiming for lasting success. This program is built on the foundation of collaboration, mutual support, and shared goals. Together, you'll navigate the complexities of professional advancement, leveraging the power of group insights to overcome obstacles and implement effective strategies for success. Our sessions are designed to foster open dialogue, encourage diverse viewpoints, and facilitate a supportive network of peers committed to each other's growth. Experience the synergy of group coaching and transform your aspirations into tangible achievements, together.


Free Workshops

Cost FREE Held on the first Saturday of each month

at 9:00 am Pacific Time

Elevate your journey to success with our exclusive, free monthly workshops, tailored for ambitious individuals eager to fast-track their personal and professional growth. In these sessions, you'll dive deep into the core principles of achieving and sustaining high performance, all while maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. Our workshops are interactive, providing not just theoretical knowledge but practical solutions that you can apply immediately to see real-world results. Engage with a community of peers who share your drive and determination, and together, discover the strategies that will lead you to unparalleled success. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights and tools that will empower you to excel in every aspect of your life.


Get Your Custom Strategic Plan

Complete three questions, and I will craft and email you a strategic coaching plan tailored specifically for you. Achieving sustainable success becomes more attainable with a personalized plan in hand. Let's embark on this journey together, with a clear roadmap to your goals.

My Best Strategies For

Advancing Your Career with Sustainable Success and Balance

This comprehensive e-Book explores the multifaceted journey of personal and professional development, offering insights into achieving career advancement, sustainable success, and a harmonious life balance. It begins by emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s career goals through self-assessment, setting SMART goals, and visualizing success with a vision board, accompanied by a practical checkoff list. Advancing in one's career is discussed next, highlighting the significance of skill development, networking, and personal branding, supported by actionable steps and a curated reading list for deeper exploration.

Hundreds of clients can’t be wrong

"Having had the opportunity to engage with Roy and his transformative coaching experience through Successful Journey Network, I can attest to the life-changing impact his guidance offers. Roy's empathy, active listening, and non-judgmental approach have enabled me to bridge the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. His dedication to personal growth, unique talent for identifying core values, and ability to inspire resilience and self-belief are truly unparalleled.

Roy doesn't just coach; he empowers and enlightens, fostering an environment where personal and professional challenges become stepping stones towards fulfilling dreams. Through his personalized coaching techniques, he assisted me in making informed decisions, taking purposeful actions, and ultimately achieving my goals.

His commitment to professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality provides a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth. Roy's coaching is not just about immediate success; it's about cultivating lasting change, innovation, and achieving a meaningful and fulfilling life. I wholeheartedly recommend his coaching services to anyone looking to unlock their full potential and embrace a journey of self-discovery."

- Randy Allen

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